A student who intends to study biology at a higher level always thinks of becoming a doctor first in his career.

As they move forward they find different career flows and opportunities around them. One option that appears is MBBS Abroad.

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) is the top-rated Undergraduate degree program in the globe and the entire world is serving international education and exposure to each other. The way we compete in NEET-UG to get a high rank for any Govt. College in India. Abroad allows to get simple and easy entry to get MBBS in their country.

Studying MBBS abroad offers a myriad of opportunities for aspiring doctors, providing a global perspective, top-notch education, and a culturally enriching experience.

At PROGRAM INSIDER, we understand your aspiration and dream of becoming a doctor.

We dedicate the team of experts to guide you throughout your journey by distinguishing the Abroad experience of

  • World class education
  • Cutting-edge facilities
  • Clinical simulations/rotations or Internships
  • International Exposure
  • Best education in low cost

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a University

  • Accreditation

    Ensure the university and its medical program are accredited by recognized medical bodies or associations locally as well as internationally

  • Language

    Consider the language of instruction As English. Some universities may offer MBBS in local/native language

  • Costs and Scholarships

    Evaluate tuition fees, living expenses, other expenses and potential scholarships or financial aid available for international students

  • Clinical Exposure

    Research the hospital affiliations and opportunities for clinical rotations/internship to gain practical experience during your medical studies

Steps to Pursue an MBBS Abroad

  • Research

    Explore different countries, universities, and their respective medical universities. Compare factors like: curricula, facilities, and international student support services etc

  • Admission Requirements

    Understand the entry criteria, application deadlines, pre enrolments and necessary examinations (like the SAT, MCAT, UKCAT, NEET or BMAT) required for admissions.

  • Application Process

    Prepare all required documents informed by our executive team and make sure your original copies should be there with you

  • Student Visa

    Once accepted, apply for a student visa in the respective country. Fulfill all visa requirements and ensure a smooth transition before departure

Necessary Steps to Follow Before Departure

Now, you are just close to your dream destination. To make sure your safe and happy journey. Keep following things in your mind before landing to the new country.

  • Reserve your Hostel and Mess for initial semesters to avoid any accommodation issues
  • Learn the foundation of the local language from India to communicate well during the journey.
  • Understand the weather conditions and plan the luggage accordingly
  • Clear all the grants and collect NOC from a consultant
  • Carry some local currency in CASH to avoid international transaction issues
  • Stay connected with local guide for any updates

Challenges and its solutions

Going thousands of kilometres far from your home for a long is a challenge, which may cause homesickness, language barriers, a new culture and much more. However, universities often offer support services, cultural integration programs, and student communities to help international students adjust to their new environment

What make you to choose Program Insider as Career Consultant?

There are a lot of reasons to choose a Study abroad solution as your consultant for mapping your Career in MBBS Abroad. Our valuable expertise, guidance and support throughout the entire journey will make it smoother and more manageable

We believe in handholding you in-

  1. Knowledge sharing and expert advise
  2. Personalised guidance
  3. Support in documentation
  4. Admission application
  5. Visa and travel Issuance
  6. Port Admission exclusive services
  7. Career Counselling after MBBS
  8. Licensing Preparation from day-1

Your journey not ends here! In Todays Era, All students focus on becoming a medical specialist that turns them into MD/MS and become a post graduate physician. You can make you career in N- numbers of specialization, but important is from where you did your


There Top notch countries whose degree is internationally recognized are :

  • USA
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany

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