Elephant in the room?

More Than Half Of The Students Struggle To Find Reliable Information Related To USMLE

  • Problem

    Medical students worldwide invest years of their lives to reach their goals. But do you know that half of the current medical generation of students cannot access first-hand curated information about moving abroad?

  • Root Cause

    The main gap between students of India not finding a correct way to move towards their goal of working as a doctor in the US is lack of knowledge. This is where the Program Insider has a role to play!

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Our Observation

Numerous companies hire mentors to teach and guide their students preparing for USMLE exams

  • Finding your identity

    Lots of folks think they're just doing volunteer work, but the reality is, they're not building their own identity and credibility.

  • Time to grow

    Being stuck in a closed-off group means these mentors aren't able to expand socially. They're essentially trapped within the same organization.



PROGRAM INSIDER offers a great solution called the Portfolio. With this service, USMLE aspirants can explore the accomplishments of fellow medical professionals worldwide. Not only does the Portfolio service provide a fantastic introduction to your professional journey, but it also offers valuable learning opportunities from others in the field.

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Key Features

Easy Understanding

With this service, you'll grasp what the residency program expects from you for the match.

Accurate Analysis

Get an In-Depth Analysis into each program to help you make informed decisions.

Make Connections

Connect directly with current residents to gain valuable insights and advice.

Emphasise more on your speciality

Highlight the competitiveness of your specialty and programs through tailored portfolios

Curated Guidance

Receive personalized guidance to map out a successful career

Add - On services just for you

Access additional services for residents designed to boost your career prospects.

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