Shortlist Your Residency Programs

You are most likely to get MATCH! But without shortlisting the programs it won’t be possible.

Residency program shortlisting is the process of finding the program that best suits your profile. For IMGs not all the residency programs are the best fit, so there is a need to shortlist the top programs where the chances of getting interviews are high.

There are several reasons for going through the shortlisting process during the MATCH Cycle.

Following are the points mentioned below:

· Good fit for Learning:

Residency programs vary in their specialties, teaching styles, patient populations, services and resources. Shortlisting allows you to focus on programs that align with your career goals and learning preferences, ensuring a better fit for your educational needs.

· Competitive Analysis: 

Residency positions are highly competitive. Shortlisting enables you to concentrate your efforts on programs where you have a realistic chance of securing the position.

· Geographic Consideration:

Consider factors such as location, climate, cost of living, proximity to family, and support networks, which can impact your overall well-being during the Residency period.

· Program Reputation and Accreditation: 

Shortlisting allows you to prioritize programs with strong reputations and accreditation status, ensuring that you receive quality training and have better prospects for future career and Fellowship opportunities.

· Resources and Facilities: 

Every program has different offerings to residents in terms of resources, research opportunities, clinical Facilities, mentorships, vacations, educational benefits, and support services. Hence shortlisting becomes important for identifying the services required for their professional development.

· Cultural Values and Personal Development: 

Each residency program has its unique culture and values. Shortlisting enables you to assess these factors and choose programs where you feel comfortable and supported, fostering your personal and professional growth throughout the training period.

On the other hand, Each program has its own prerequisite requirements for selecting applicants.

Shortlisting gives you basic entry requirements which are mentioned below:

· Academic/Steps Performance: 

Programs often look at your USMLE Step scores along with Medical school performance, clerkship evaluations, and other tests to select you for interviews.

· Letter of Recommendation: 

We all know at least 3 LORs are required in the ERAS Application but shortlisting assists you which program needs which type of letter.

· Clinical Experience: 

Residency program specifies their interest for the applicants having clinical experience in terms of rotations observerships & clerkships.

· Visa Requirements: 

IMGs may require a visa to study residency in the USA. Not all residency programs offer visa sponsorships, so the need of shortlisting comes under this.

· Diversity and inclusivity: 

Programs with higher IMG selection ratios define the program Diversity and one should consider factors such as socioeconomic background, race, ethnicity, and gender during the shortlisting process.

What are the challenges come during PROGRAM SHORTLISTING?

· NOT, all information in one place: 

There are several programs for each specialization in the United States. Portals like Frieda and Residency Explorer give you limited information of the program, so it is utmost important to visit multiple websites to get the best possible insights of programs

· Incomplete Data: 

Some programs may not be up-to-date all the time, which will create a loss of information about their requirements and interest for applicants.

· 1 Page for 1 Program: 

If you are planning a specialization like Internal Medicine or Family Medicine then be ready to review 1000s of webpages and prepare your table to shortlist the programs that come under your interest.

· Less Social Connect: 

If you have a 2nd thoughts about connecting with current residents of the program to know the goals and focus area of the program then it takes your several months to build a social connect with them.

What we are bringing for you?

  • Personalized Program List
  • Insight information on the program
  • Peer Reviewed Customized List 
  • Past Statistics
  • Resident connects

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