Cost involved in USMLE journey

Financial Planning for USMLE

The path to becoming a licensed medical practitioner in the US comes with some financial expenses. As an international student, expenses are always the subject of concern. The cost involved in USMLE preparation is not constant. It changes every year with a slight increase in it every time. Here is an estimated cost involved in USMLE preparation in 2024; it is estimated for 2025 MATCH. The cost calculated here is in US dollars, as all IMGs have different currencies. The total cost involved can be simplified into -  

  • The cost involved in exams, certification, and interviews.
  • The cost involved in studies.
  • The cost involved in rotations and others.
  • The cost involved in exams, certification, and interviews and ECFMG

The first step is to register yourself as an applicant at the official site of ECFMG, which costs around $160.

Step 1

It includes examination fees with an international test delivery surcharge if testing is done outside the US and Canada. It is currently $1180.

Step 2CK

It involves the same amount as step 1, i.e., $1180.

Step 3

If you are applying in 2024, it will cost around $915.

ECFMG certification

The cost for ECFMG certification is $925.

Applying to programs 

It involves getting an ERAS token, which costs about $160, and $250 for medical school transcript translation.

Cost in each Program Application

Applying to programs for up to 10 programs involves $99 for each of them. For 11-20 programs per program, $19 each. From 21-30, each program costs $23. Thirty-one or more cost $27 each.

On average, if you apply for 100 programs, it costs $3300.

The cost might increase if you decide to go for an in-person interview, as you will have to pay for traveling and staying there, but nowadays, virtual interviews are more common.

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It is a necessary test for ECFMG certification, and it charges about $500.

Other charges

If you decide to reschedule an exam, it costs $100 for each step. Changing the testing region costs $100, too.

Score rechecking fees are $80. So the total cost involved in exams, certification, and interviews is about $8500.

Cost involved in USMLE Preparation

Studies for USMLE involve joining any preparatory course, study material, online resources, textbooks, practice tests, and question banks, and they may range from $500 to $5000, depending upon what you decide to go through.

Cost involved in rotations and others

Usually, IMGs go for clinical electives for 3-4 months. Each elective may charge from $1000-$6000.

The cost of traveling and accommodation may be around $1200 per month. Health and professional liability insurance charges about $1000 for three months. So, the average cost of a 3-month rotation is $8500.

All this adds up to about $20,000. It may be more or less according to your choices. 

This was the approximate calculation of the cost involved in USMLE for the 2025 MATCH cycle. Hopefully, it cleared your doubts and gave you an idea of the financial aspect of the exam.


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